Maximizing ROI in Social Selling with Influencer Marketing

Maximizing ROI in Social Selling with Influencer Marketing

Once the company decides to take actions towards Social Selling with Influencers Marketing and understands the costs of these new processes with the benefits and growth they will bring, is then time to maximize the results of these new expenses.

There are numerous strategies and endless formulas on how companies can maximize the ROI of the budget destined for Influencer Marketing. However not all strategies are as relevant for community building and focusing Influencer Marketing to generate Social Sellers.

Strategies to Maximize ROI in Social Selling with Influencers

  1. Research and Identify your audience and Influencers: not all your consultant are necessarily social sellers influencers, and therefore you have to spend the time in selecting the best ones to replicate your message within certain range of creative freedom that won’t affect your company image and turn their networks into new consultants and sales.
  2. Have defined goals: make sure you have designed goals that are trackable and reachable with the influencers selected and add a checklist to communicate those goals to those influencers so they understand their role in the community building and the benefits for themselves. 
  3. Build Community, not one time content replicators: customer relationship has to be the focus of the strategies and influencers have to be close to their audience and identify to the company message. Make sure you are supportive to your influencers and are part of their community, not only a content provider or manager.
  4. Content generation: as important as selecting the social replicators, it is to manage the generation of content, it is absolutely crucial that all the generated content has the company / brand image and values, as well as characteristics of the replicators for them to feel inspired with what they are being part of. 
  5. Make sure you have the right platform: selecting suitable platform that will be part of the process and that offer all the necessary scalability for your initiatives and growth derived from Influencer Marketing in Social Selling actions is crucial.

Coordinate strategies to achieve greater Social Selling results

The trends show that the budget assigned for Influencers Marketing will keep growing but for it to bring great results, it needs to be planned and designed consciously to turn into Social Selling communities that represent significant new Networks and Sales. To have sustainable success make sure to carefully consider the listed actions and assign a budget inside your company to develop them.

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