Creating Customer Centric Content to get more Social Sellers

Creating Customer Centric Content to get more Social Sellers

Is your Marketing strategy making sure to be appealing to your buyers?

Have you ever looked at your Content through your customers eyes?

Is your Content appealing or confusing for your buyers?

Give your Customers value with your marketing Content generating quality Content appealing to a demographic – previously defined in your strategic plan as your Buyer Persona- by creating Content pieces not to push sales, but to present your products benefits, uses and lifestyle related features.  Then, have Sales as an afterthought that shows spontaneously during the narrative of the Content. That is creating customer-centric Content, and it is one of the latest trends for Social Selling to be implemented by Direct Selling Companies and not fall behind the retail in their Marketing Strategy and Social Media actions.

Strategies to generate Customer-Centric Content

Understand your Customers

Yes, not only identify and profile them, it is necessary to study your Customers in dept, enough to know not only who they are but what they are going through, the situations, problems and challenges your audience faces are very diverse, and you have to know how those situations come into your sales funnel to offer valuable Content to each pain point and determine where your product or service is a solution to their problems. It builds trust in your community and makes your prospects interested in buying from you.

Measure, measure, measure

Creating strategies with metrics to analyze them, gives you an immense advantage to understand the impact you are actually generating and the impact on the audience of your Content. Measuring Content impact in Social Selling is “easy” there are many tools, including social media free analytics to study shares, traffic, CTR (Click through Rate), Bounce rate, among others. 

Make sure you audit the performance of your Content to identify flaws with SEO and SEM Managers, and benchmarking the performance and actions of your competitors, and periodically dedicate time to improve your strategy.

Paid ads: you need traffic to drive conversions

Nowadays with the search engines getting paid from ads, it is no longer possible to reach a significant amount of traffic from Organic Content, you have to pay for Ads in Social Media and search engines as your customer acquisition strategy. 

Scalable campaigns are more effective than super expensive ones that cannot be tested in real time and altered if not delivering the expected results. With Social Media, everything can be carefully managed and adjusted the budget according to the metrics. 

Divide your online Marketing efforts equally to getting new Customers and potential Distributors. Utilize your Social Media pages with Content dedicated to enticing distributors. And consider running a set of Facebook and Instagram ads to introduce your product and company to them.

Customer-centric Content to get more Consultants

As a Social Selling Company, removing friction from the type of Content generated for Distributors with the technicalities of business practices and commercial benefits, and turning into generating Content to the final buyer is more effective and brings better sales and network growth, since getting people to sign up as consultants by having your Distributors network share Content about the success with the corporation and their life quality improvement, compared to, promotional Content expecting them to come to your company website, reading the benefits from the compensation plan and then signing up.

S4DS Software Solutions for omnichannel to enhance sales

We have technical options for your Consultants to replicate your Content and multiply the impact of your messaging, with the replicated Microsites Features, they can use the timeline to share it with their Network, and with the Social Media integrations they can share in their profiles all the news and updates they have in their e commerce sites, which makes it a fantastic tool for your Inbound marketing strategy. What are you waiting to take part in this Customer-Centric trend?

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