In Direct Selling Business, Mobile app or responsive design?

Since the developments and improvements in technology, the emergence of mobile has generated a change in Internet browsing around the world. According to the trend, mobile navigation is outpacing computers. 

Because of the technological development of mobiles, the tools created for users are getting better and are constantly updated. Today users can perform all of their tasks from a tablet or a cellphone, such as visiting websites, downloading apps, using online applications, surf the internet freely, etc. The digital world has been complemented with mobile devices.

Here you will find information on mobile applications and web responsive design.


Mobile app

These are developments for mobile systems like cellphones and tablets seeking to meet one or more activities that benefit users and businesses worldwide. Mobile applications users can generate different forms of interaction with them, either through Internet access, device downloads or a combination of both.

  • Web Application
  • Native Application
  • Hybrid Application


Web Application:

These are developments that interact with the user through a browser is Safari, Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, etc.

Below are the features of the application for a user and for a company.

  • Users enter a specific URL to enjoy the application. (Regardless of the mobile device they use).
  • Users can create a shortcut on their device.
  • Users must have Internet access to use the application.
  • The application cannot use the tools that the device has, such as: camera, GPS, notifications, etc.
  • Its development is easier and cheaper.
  •  It is developed with web-based configuration.
  • The development is standard for all operating systems.
  • The cost is much lower compared with other modes of applications.
Native Application

These are designs that interact with the user by installing the application on the mobile device.


  • The application can be used without Internet access.
  • The application must be downloaded at the Play Store, App Store or Windows Apps.
  • They are faster compared with other modes.
  • Its use is easier than others.
  • Access to other mobile tools such as GPS, camera, agenda among others.
  • The application must be developed for each operating system (IOS, Android, Windows).
  • Its cost is high compared to other modalities.
  • Create more complete applications.
  • It can be financially remunerated by downloads, updates or advertising applications.
Hybrid Application

These are developments that interact with the user from installing the application and the ability to access the Internet.



• You can use the app from a URL.

• Use certain mobile tools to enjoy the app.

• Users can download the application or navigate through a URL.

• Application development using a web-based configuration, which provides the ability to be available for each operating system.

• It can be financially remunerated by downloads, updates or advertising applications.


Responsive Web Design

The creation of this tool arose because of the technological developments that began on mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets, as it was required that users of these new devices could be able to surf the Internet on different websites without presenting any difficulties.

Without this tool a website could not be easily navigated by users, since the size of the images, letters, menu or uploading time would not be appropriate and would force the user to enter the site from any computer.

The responsive design development gave mobile users the ability to enter their websites from any mobile and the facility to perfectly adapt to the user´s screen device, no matter how big or small and without worrying about the operating system. When a website´s design is responsive, it provides visitors the ease to enter from any mobile device with the possibility to navigate equally or better than with a computer. Additionally, responsive websites benefit from positioning in search engines like Google and with this development there is no need to create a site for each device because it manages to detect and organize the website according to the tool being used to access the website.

Web Responsive design is the navigation solution for all web sites.