MLM Software, E-Learning Tool, Education Without Limits

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It is a virtual learning platform that facilitates the interaction between a speaker and a receiver, where users can acquire knowledge without being in the same place; generating a more flexible and adaptable interaction for the receptor when choosing the time, location and duration of the study.

E-Learning users can find two possible ways of interacting with the speaker: synchronous and asynchronous.

Synchronous: Your learning model is based on the interaction between exhibitors and users at the same time either through chats, teleconference calls, forums, etc. Participants must be synchronized at the same time but don’t necessarily have to be in the same place.

Asynchronous: Your learning model focuses on the user’s freedom to interact with the content and / or exhibitor at the desired time and learning pace.

In E-Learning users are able to interact in different ways with the platform and with the exhibitor, some of these cases are:

  • Online Chat
  • Forums
  • Research and contributions
  • Wikis
  • Glossaries
  • Calendar

The E-learning student has some advantages when using the platform:

  • Time control depending on whether it is synchronous or asynchronous
  • Support from tutors and information on the Internet
  • The cost is usually lower than classroom education and sometimes this tool is used by companies to strengthen their sales force at no cost.
  • High interaction by the user with the tools provided.
  • Greater concentration by users.

One of the differentials that the Electronic Learning (E-Learning) have is that it can be use both in the academic and business field, where companies educate their customers or work environment. An example is the direct sales business where network consultants educate their sales force through the E-learning platform.

In the market you can find various platforms that give you the possibility to develop classrooms, forums, wikis or live classes so you can educate your company through Internet. Examples of such platforms include:

  • ILIAS: software developed in Germany, which offers a customizable set of tools to create exercises, surveys and assessments, forums, chat rooms, internal messaging and so on.
  • DOKEOS: a flexible and easy system through a user interface extremely friendly and intuitive, where students can evaluate and convert files from Word or Power-Point in E-courses.
  • Moodle: the most used online education platform around the world, which has many tools for educators, such as viewing on various mobile devices, customizing the platform, notifications, calendar control, chat, forum, surveys, among many other things.

The use of E-Learning platforms has provided companies in direct selling the education and motivation of their sales forces; regardless of being a multilevel or party plan.

Companies that work with software services for direct selling such as Salesforce or S4DS (Solutions for Direct Selling) can use the Moodle platform to encourage or educate their sales forces, consultants or internally in their organization.

Nowadays the Internet removes the barriers of education and it gives us many possibilities, opportunities and benefits that couldn’t be previously obtained. The perfect example is the use of learning platforms, where users from all over the world can grow academically and personally.