Software in the Cloud for Direct Selling Companies

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Cloud is a service based in the Internet that allows the user to work on a platform with access to servers, storage, database and several service applications.

In Direct Selling, the cloud has an important role to play for company’s experiencing business growth because it can strengthen the offering to the sales force by working in the net. 

 If a company wants to use the Cloud as a basis for its business model, it will have two choices:

  1. Search for software within the direct selling industry that provides a cloud based platform that delivers the functionality necessary to achieve the requirements for the company’s needs.
  2. Create custom software with the specifications and needs that the company is searching for.

When the company chooses one of these options, they will use the Cloud in their operation so that the sales force needs can be satisfied. With this, the company will be able to organize orders, create events, have shipping information, manage commissions, etc.

Organizing each need depends on the software and the requirements of the company, which are normally the activities included in a cloud based software.

Using the Cloud in the direct selling business model is a solution to increase sales, strengthen the sales force and continue with the global trend: digital world.

In the cloud you have mirrored sites worldwide, complete security and reliability, zero down time and low cost. When you work with this platform, you can also improve the level of service.

Cloud has the following aspects:

  • Platform as a service (Paas).
  • Infrastructure as a service (Iaas).
  • Software as a service (Saas).

Platform as a service (Paas):

It is a set of activities that provide the user both an operative and a service system based in the internet, without the need to download a file. The platform supports multi users and the people don´t have to pay in advance to enjoy this service.  An example of would be any automated banking platform.

Infrastructure as a service (Iaas):

It is a development team responsible for carrying out certain operations on cloud requirements according to the business model, providing the possibility for different companies to use their services. This is the case of storage systems in cloud, where users can increase or decrease the storage capacity according to what they need.  An example of this service would

Software as a service (Saas):

It is a development that has many advantages for the companies that need to satisfy different requirements the internet, such as the company’s operation and growth. The best option is to select a software as a service that can provide the required activities a company needs.

When the companies work with this service they don´t have to worry about the updates, the software development, the problems with the service, the improvements, the specialized work team and the cost of the service, which is much more lower than software created internally by a company.

Software as a service combines the two activities mentioned above: Paas and Iaas.

In daily activities many direct selling companies use a software as a service through email, hardware, maps and more.

Why do you need a software as a service in the 21st century?

Below you can read more information about how a software as a service is used on a daily basis depending on the activity.

  1. Personal use  

    In the 21st century the people are constantly depending on the internet, especially to connect with other people from around the world, which is a perfect example of how software as service is used to connect with people you can’t see in a virtually way.  Additionally, people also use a SaaS model through the use of Gmail, Whatsapp and Cloud (in iPhone) on a daily basis.

    You have 3 options:

  • Create your own software as a service,

  • Don´t follow this important 21st century trend or,

  • Use Software as a service in your life and follow the 21st century tendency (most recommended option)

  1. Generics systems

    Nowadays forward thinking leaders of companies in the 21st century need to work with software as a service mindset. An example of this would be when a company decides to select a provider for their email platform or corporate website, where they have different options such as Outlook, Yahoo or Gmail; or there is also another option where the company decides to create its own solution.

  1. Specific software as a service (SaaS)   

    Depending on the needs of each Direct Selling company, there is specific software in the market that can serve as an excellent way to optimize the business and integrate the various variables of the business to improve the full operation of the company.

    The best example of a software as a service is the number 1 software solution, Salesforce, which currently has the most complete activities and functions to satisfy a company’s needs. Although this solution has many strengths it does not fit the particular needs of many direct selling company’s due to its lack of a commissions and genealogy engine.

    However, in the direct selling industry, there is one complete and efficient software as a service that has been custom designed for our industry S4DS (Solution for Direct Selling). This software has a broad scope, the integration works in all the various formats of direct selling including; network marketing as well as party plan; it has all of the tools for each area of the company and it uses different modules such as: E-learning, campaign and commissions management, party hosting and much more.  The beauty of this system is that it truly is Saas, is dynamically scalable and lives in the Amazon Cloud.  The pricing for this service is also highly innovative you only pay when a consultant places an order no matter how many distributors or consultants are in your organization.  The Total Cost of Ownership is designed to be under 1% of revenue for the average mid-sized direct selling company.

    Cloud in the 21st century is for everyone, regardless of how big or small the business is, it will soon be a requirement for most successful companies in the world.

    If you want to continue your company in the digital century, you must definitely need Cloud.