Direct Selling, the business model of the future?

Direct Selling, the business model of the future?

Direct Selling today

Data in today’s Direct selling can represent Industry’s biggest ally or its largest challenge, using it for the wrong purpose or with wrong practices sharing unreal information, pretending to manipulate people’s thoughts or even their political preferences are affecting the complete way in which certain practices are perceived.

Today’s marketing is ruled in large part by many wrong practices that are affecting people’s behavior and, in many critics point of view, even people’s will to decide among the options they have because of the extensive use of hyper-targeted ads in marketing campaigns taking users data and using it to generate personality traits targeted ads.

Going back to people’s centered Direct Selling

For the Direct Selling Industry, the answer does not lay in taking part in today’s marketing practices, the industry has to go back to the origins of its concept and their efforts, focusing on community sharing of valuable economic goals and offering the opportunity for personal and professional growth based on the shared acquisition cost of customers between the corporate efforts and Social Sellers networks with truly fair compensation plans.

Direct Selling industry practices in Social Selling need to mature to offer better training for Consultants to make the business more attractive for them, to gain more mouth to mouth marketing based on recommendations and get traction for the messaging spreading of their business programs. Direct selling cannot expect great sales from not trained Consultants / Influencers, the development of their skills has to be an integral part of the Social Selling Plan.

Building on a new wave of Social Selling in Direct Selling

The Social Selling cycle can be perceived to be very complex, but it can be as simple as: if you are generating strong Social Selling practices to leverage the Sales Power of your Consultants in their communities, training their Sales Skills, providing strong brand messaging, making marketing efforts that can be replicated by the consultants so the customers perceive the common effort between the corporate and their distributors, spending more money in generating valuable content for everyone in your value chain, Direct Selling Companies can then move their marketing expenses from large sums paid to marketing agencies to, rewarding better their consultants on each sales dollar they generate, creating a bigger Economic Impact and stronger and sustainable marketing.

Direct selling has already taken important development steps, the industry has partnered with logistics companies to send products in perfect conditions to the customers removing the distributor from the logistics process and making it more seamless, effective and attractive while generating jobs for those third-party partners supporting local economies. 

Adopting technological partners to digitize processes has also been transcendental to the Direct Selling Industry development, making the business more competitive against E-commerce development and big marketplaces.

Today’s technology changing the use of data for Direct Selling

Direct selling massive amounts of global data on their Consultants and their Networks are today’s largest asset for Direct Selling Companies, this information has to be used for more socially driven purposes than simply adjust compensation plans. This is the technological evolution step Direct Selling is taking in Social Selling, data analysis to strengthen the original Direct Selling business purposes. To develop correctly segmented strategies for community impact, to give their Consultants the training they need, the content they are demanding, the answers they are expecting and with that the branding that the corporate needs to grow their Networks and generate significant impact to attract new customers and distributors and stick their message for those who leave to have an open door to go back and not losing the customers base with leaving distributors because the strong brand loyalty.

Give your sellers information, do not keep it only at the corporate level, train them to understand their communities and the characteristics that matter for their business, give them tools to encourage their selling process, make the business accessible for them and not an unreachable entity that they cannot get in touch with, to keep them motivated and their objectives in affinity with the business plan. 

Direct Selling means empowerment and it is an entrepreneurial opportunity for many people from all generations from all over the world throughout the complete value chain from this companies, and with the new working trends in which workers demand freedom and other means of making money the room of development is great, but the door is not going to be open forever, to become the business model of the future, adaptations have to continue and Social Selling strengthening processes have to be the main topic to develop.

S4DS Software Solutions to enhance Omnichannel Sales

We understand the Social Selling Industry, yes, and also the Software development industry. With our more than 25 years of experience, we are the provider to enhance your Direct Selling process in a sustainable way for future digitation and data analytics trends support. 

We at S4DS are already taking part in this moment, providing technological tools to empower community building for Consultants to increase Networks and generate Sales derived from efforts that are not invasive, that are thought to generate value for their social circles and become a shared economy. Alongside Direct selling companies that implement our Software Solution, we facilitate network performance and growth.

Our features support your Social Selling with: 

  1. Strengthening your communication with your Consultants with our Back office timeline
  2. Hold your compensation plan, any type of plan you have, and the changes you need to do with the time, with our rule engine
  3. Share real-time information with your consultants in the Reports Dashboard
  4. Manage incidents, exchanges and returns and Network interactions with our fully integrated CRM

Receive payment and operate logistics through our many different already integrated third-party allies.

And many other functionalities, visit all of them on our Products page:

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