Direct Selling is Connecting with Gen Y and Millennials

There is a growing importance of engaging with the Generation Y (also called Millennials) and most Direct Selling companies cannot manage it. This generation represents new attitudes, behaviors, preferences and demographics. This requires a new way of thinking and a different attitude that also involves changes in the marketing system, messaging and networking.

This changes may bother the top executives of Direct Selling. It’s crucial to balance the top executives with the current industry needs.

Some useful tips on how to engage this generation are the following:

  • Your biggest ally would be technology.
  • Direct Selling companies must offer technology as a solution and stay in the top of it.
  • Sell people and culture not just the product or service.
  • Present the company opportunities in their perspective and in a way of fulfilling their needs.
  • Review their aspirations and adapted them to your recognition programs.
  • The marketing team and the company needs to care and be sensitive with important situations around the globe. For example: the environment.
  • Culture is essential, if the company doesn’t have a strong and consistent culture, it won’t be able to engage Generation Y.
  • Since this generation gets bored easily, work innovation and creativity are essential.
  • Availability, be reachable: the company needs to be in the right time, every moment.
  • Since Gen Y is the future, capture them.
  • Be always authentic: All of the messages that are published will be verified so remain genuine and always remember the company’s core values.

Finally, before taking the decision of reaching Millennials, the company must develop a strategy that involves a previous research on this generation and an alignment on the intermediate and long term expectations.