Direct Selling in the United States


After evaluating Direct Selling in the world and going through the European market in numbers we continue to the United States market.

A market that has found refuge in this sector in the last crises that it has had to live.

With the following figures it is possible to have a spectrum of how the market is and the future of Direct Selling in the United States.

United States Map


In 2017, 18.6 million people participated in direct sales in the United States, their participation varies from those who join direct sales companies such as discounted buyers, to those looking to develop a part-time or full-time business. Some share and sell products at home or at parties online, while others prefer a face-to-face approach. The data of the most recent growth report and perspectives of the United States Direct Sales Association provides information on the various motivations to participate in this sales channel.


Psychodemographic profile


  • 18,600,000 Independents



  • 73.5% Female
  • 26.5% Male
gender in mlm



age in mlm


People Involved by Generation


Direct selling offers flexible job opportunities for all generations.


generations in mlm

(DSA, 2016)


Activity in Direct Sales


activity in mlm


Industry’s best-selling products


products in mlm


(Insights, 2017)


  • Wellness categories and services – Previous drivers of growth are now drivers of decline.


  • Until last year, the categories of Welfare and Services have driven growth in direct sales since the Great Recession. This has changed and the history of those two categories has decreased, so other categories are taking off.



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