Direct Selling in Latin America

We continue to understand Direct Selling globally through quantitative data.

This time we are covering the Latin American market, specifically countries such as Brazil and Mexico which are two of the most significant in the region and allow us to understand what state the market is in and which direction it is heading, giving us insights from which we can create strategies to successfully implement a direct sales channel.






Psychodemographic profile


  • 4,300,000 Independent



  • 57% Female
  • 43.3% Male



gender in direct selling Brazil



  • 48% are between 18 and 29 years old
  • 46% are between 30 and 55 years old



age in Brazil




education in Brazil

Additional data


  • 8% of GDP is generated by Direct Selling.
  • The potential customers are:
  • 79% Friends
  • 66.9% Relatives
  • 51.2% Work colleagues
  • 67% are married
  • 21% declare themselves heads of family
  • Advantage: Flexibility and autonomy
  • For 63% of people Direct Sales are additional income


Industry’s best-selling products

most sold products in Brazil

(ABEVD, s.f.)







​Psychodemographic profile


  • 2,500,000 Independents
  • 4.0 percent annual growth




  • 65% female
  • 35% male


gender in direct selling Mexico

(Notimex, 2018)




most sold products in Mexico


Motivation factors for Direct Selling


  • According to the AGER report, among the characteristics of the entrepreneurs that motivate them to participate in one of the marketing networks in Mexico are:
  • 80% want to enjoy life.
  • 80% want to learn more things.
  • 76% think about the security of the country.
  • 74% want justice for all.
  • 43% find it rewarding to be their own boss.
  • 32% see it as a personal development.
  • However, 30% consider it as a second income option.
  • 19% see it as a way out of unemployment.


(Neetwork, s.f.)





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