Avatars Influencers: Our Allies, NOT enemies.

In today’s world two HUGE trends must be considered for the upcoming year

1. Sales are being influenced by individuals that have certain credibility and certain kind of experience in a specific field, people trust them because of what they show on their daily lives and they engage with them through social media.


Avatars Influencers


These trend has been occuring during the last couple years but the variable now is the kind of influencers having success: the nano-influencers or micro-influencer,  they are usually non famous people that have acquired a substantial amount of followers and people strongly believe them.

They are not singers, nor actors/actresses neither models or anything like that, they are common people that are really active on social media and they commit strongly enough with a topic they are engaged with.

influencers avatars

2. Job automatization is another upcoming trend in the world, we currently can find jobs performed by robots in many areas and fields that we thought could never been replaced.

As we talked in the past article, robots exist and they will keep improving their performance in time, the activities they are able to perform now are countless but so it´s true that we humans have the ability to move forward with the trend and create new jobs.

The question now is how those 2 trends can work together? Are they compatible?  Influencers avatars are charmy enough to captivate people? Are avatars the kind of individuals people want to be influenced by? will avatars overcome humans?

To answer this we have to consider that avatars influencers already exist, there is one influencer girl called: Lil Miquela, a 19-year-old Brazilian-American model, musical artist, and influencer with over 1.5 million Instagram followers. The avatar was engineered by Brud, a secretive L.A. based start-up comprised of “engineers, storytellers, and dreamers” who work in artificial intelligence and robotics.

The difference between this kind of influencers and human influencers is that humans are able to travel, experience and share moments, people commit more with the experiences and with the whole story behind.

Avatars like Lil Miquela can wear and suggest people to use  a brand but at the instance of EXPERIENCING things, places and feelings as much as a human influencer does is not possible yet.

Nowadays people believe a lot in influencers that have characteristics that only humans can have: travel influencers, fitness influencers, food influencers and many more.

Human Influencers may take some time to relax, may be tired of doing the day to day stories on instagram, the facebook lives, the videos in youtube, etc, in those cases influencers avatars would perfectly complement humans. Technology would be present and human touch as well.


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By Daniel MB.

Content Manager at S4DS.