The Future of Direct Selling in 2019

As the year ends, we all start wondering what to expect for the Direct Selling world in 2019

There are some trends that we evidenced in this year and talked about in previous articles.

To recap a little there are:

    • Influencers and Nano-influencers
    • Value added to the story and product
    • Better technology
    • Omnichannel strategies
    • Millennials 

future of direct selling

And let’s talk about 2019

  • Generation Z arises, it is required to develop a new sales strategy
  • More value added in the final product
  • Artificial intelligence in sales
  • More omnichannel strategies
  • Social media

There is a bright future for Direct Selling companies and those who take advantage and take the risk to  include these challenges and opportunities in their business would be the ones that lead the industry,


We at S4DS are always up to date, bringing Direct Selling companies all the new trends which will help them with these strategies. We have a complete Social media integration, we manage multiple business models such as influencers, physical stores, call center and more.


By S4DS Marketing Team