We know what the previous industrial revolutions meant to the way humans lived. In the near future changes will be even deeper, some unpredictable. Let’s talk about similarities and differences between the current 4th industrial revolution and the previous ones.


Changes are a constant in all human story. Through all ages mankind story has been one of changes in all areas; biological, environmental, moral and off course, technological.

The 19th century industrial revolution was the first step to a whole new era, now the revolution 4.0 is going even further and changing once again all aspects of human life.

From the simplest things as buying a coffee or taking a taxi to the way buildings are constructed, cars and airplanes are designed and medicine is applied, human way of life is been constantly changed and it will be so more and more in the upcoming years.

industry 4.0


Is this good or is this bad ? Depends on how you look at it.

On one side we have a modern society where things are moving faster all the time and things that used to consume a lot of time can now take only a couple of minutes. Distances are being shortened, information is easy and fast to be found, injuries and diseases that were almost incurable are now being healed or treated. All those things represent the evident good side of this topic.

On the other side, there are collateral consequences. For example, by the access to information and technology, kids nowadays can be smarter and more sophisticated than previous generations, but tolerance to frustration, patience and abilities to focus are less consistent.

Likewise, jobs that are boring or require physical efforts are going to be replaced with technology. That will erase that kind of jobs from human activities, but at the same time is going to leave a lot of workers without their jobs.

At the same time, new job sources will be created as a natural consequence of the new areas of activities. The most probable problem is going to the transition, education and training that is going to be required to apply to those new jobs. Is going to be easier for someone with superior education to adapt and be trained to a new kind of job than it could be for someone with primary studies.


Despite there are different visions and concepts of the near future, some pessimistic and some optimistic, the one thing in the middle of both that is certainly true is that the difficult part is going to be the transition.

As a personal opinion, based on all the information available, I’ll say that the future way of living through all the revolution 4.0 is not going to be better or worst in terms of jobs and economy, since it depends of how you look at it, but just different. Many other aspects are going to be involved that may improve our lives, but one thing is for sure, the future is not far away, and we must smell the coffee and prepare ourselves from this moment to live in a new era.

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By: Frank Pierre Font

Digital Strategy Designer at S4DS