S4DS Software Main Features – Direct Selling

S4DS Software provide several amazing features that empower Direct Sellig companies and make it easier for them to grow which is unique to our platform:

s4ds features


1. A timeline very similar to the Facebook Newsfeed where a leader can see all the activity in her downline, like a new enrollment, then send a congratulatory message and post a happy dance picture. At the same time the Company can see  the activity of all the consultants on the timeline.


2. All transactions are given a number and that number stays with the customer, the hostess or the consultant. This allows a Company to finally measure lead conversion how long from customer to host, how often does a host host before becoming a consultant. 


3. Fully integrated CRM system with a complete ticketing system that allows clients to track orders and parties on a dashboard. Tickets can also be seen by consultants and leaders based on the genealogy. You can even allow consultants to close certain types of tickets such as party leads, this allows for the Company to monitor how and when a party lead was responded to, so that those who don’t respond can be taken out of lead rotation or corrective training can be provided. 


4. Complete Party Plan system with each hostess being given their own micro-site to process invitations and for those who can’t attend to purchase products.  This feature of the system can either be turned on or off depending on your business model.  The system supports all types of direct selling companies including, Multi-Level Network, Party Plan and Single Level.


5. Native e-learning capability with progress tracking; a consultant can even be awarded points for the successful completion of training, which can be redeemed for tangible rewards such as printed matter or other gifts.


6. Full integration with external social media through AddThis.  This allows a customer to immediately post about their experience using their own social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.


7. S4DS is a Software as a Service and lives in the Amazon Cloud which ensure complete reliability and scalability based on a service level agreement.  When the business needs three servers they have it, when traffic calls for 20 servers the system automatically scales.


8. S4DS is a complete solution no add-ons needed.  The system is designed around a powerful rule engine that allows the typical user to be 90 % independent of the need to return to S4DS for modifications or enhancements.


9. Integrations with several systems that allows our clients to manage the complete operation:

  • Tax calculation

  • Payment gateways

  • ERP’s

  • E-wallets

  • Financial Operators

  • Carriers