Direct selling is the most traditional selling technique, no matter the historic moment, country, culture or product, it has been practiced for centuries in many different levels.


Although it’s an activity that has existed for so long, every age brings with it it’s own spirit, and the spirit in this part of the XXI century is clearly defined by the flow of free information, the fastness of processes and the arrival of new concepts. In the particular aspect of Selling, the philosophy nowadays is “attracting” more than “pushing”, this means that you have to do something to captivate and convince your clients of buying your products or services more than pushing them through traditional marketing techniques.


This doesn’t mean that those methods will disappear, they will still in use, but since customers are now much better informed and have a more clear vision of what they are looking for, the way to reach them is more based in the added value and knowledge about the product that you can give to the customer and about all the related information that you can provide him with. This is where Inbound Marketing has grown in unmeasurable dimensions.

inbound marketing for direct selling


Now direct sellers and direct selling companies count with more ways to acquire new clients and retain their existing ones. Blogs, Websites and Social Media are always there for anyone who wishes to use them, it’s just a matter of how well you apply this elements that determines your success.

Despite it’s true that having a great number of followers and being a well known influencer is a great thing, it is not necessary to have a great number of people following you. Since micro- influencers have shown to be well qualified in the reach of selling goals, direct sellers can always make use of Inbound Marketing techniques and make their public and sells grow.   


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By: Frank Pierre Font

S4DS Digital Strategy Designer