DSA Fall Conference – Doing Business in Canada.

We attended the doing business in Canada seminar in the DSA Fall Conference and we learned a lot about the Canadian market, we want to share with you the most important insights and learnings.


  • In Canada there are 1.3 million Direct Selling entrepreneurs
  • There are more than 14 million Direct Selling customers
  • It is similar to the United States but unique:
    • Regulatory System: robust system of oversight
    • Logistics: Cross border shipping
    • Languages: Two official languages
    • Taxation: different tax requirements

    doing business in Canada

    Canada has a strong and stable economy, it has a political stability which brings foreign direct investment and empower companies to establish and grow in Canada.

    Direct Selling in Canada has become a social selling and party planning. The market is growing incredibly, there are more than a 100 Direct Selling companies with 1.2 million consultants.

    We can conclude this is a great time to expand and explore the opportunities in Canada and the good news is that S4DS covers and have operations there! so don’t hesitate to ask us or schedule a Demo


    By: S4DS Marketing Team