Top 8 Reminders for Direct Selling Companies

Allan Luce Managing Principal of Strategic Choice Partners compiles according to his experience, the 8 important reminders for Direct Selling companies.

direct selling companies

The foundation of the Direct Selling Industry is based on people helping other people to succeed. The following tips can be applied to any Direct Selling companies, no matter its size.

  1. Always treat your sales people right! Remember that they are essentially volunteerswho sell for you because they want to, not because they have to.
  2. Your sales force members are your best customers.If they would not pay the price you are asking for the product, they will not sell it at that price.
  3. Selling products that have below average margins is always risky. The sales force usually makes those low margin products best sellers.
  4. It all starts with a great product! Great products can carry a weak compensation and marketing program.But it does not work well the other way around.
  5. If you think you have a great idea for a party plan company, prove it by holding successful test parties and home events. Prove your concept before spending significant amounts of money!
  6. No matter how smart, experienced and skillful you are, you will only get your initial sales and marketing materials about 75% right.Your sales force will teach you the next 25% in the next year or so (if you’re smart enough to listen).
  7. No matter how sophisticated and unique your compensation plan is,it only motivates the 10-12% of your sales force that’s interested in leadership and full-time income. For everyone else, the mission, products, promotions and service are the motivators.
  8. Direct selling is a lead-by-example business. Once you choose the primary method you want your sales force to use to share products, do it yourself. If you want your sales force to hold parties, then hold parties yourselves. If you want your sales force to conduct one-on-one presentations, then do that yourself. If you want your sales force to leverage online selling or “online parties,” then go out and try it yourself.