Tech Innovation in the Age of Automatization

As we know technology is a huge part of Direct Selling businesses and it is evolving to help this business remain competitive, relevant and sustainable.

tech innovation

It is important that during this transformation companies have a road map in which it is important to follow:

  • Recognize change
  • Embrace transformation
  • Focus on customer needs
  • Evaluate options

Technology in Direct Selling is not only for genealogy and processing commissions, but also for empowering entrepreneurs, managing easily all their business, having great tools to promote and recruit

In S4DS we are committed to always being at the new technology trend, giving the company and its distributors the best tools they can get. We attend to technology seminars and events to be updated, also we attend to Direct Selling conferences to know where is the industry going and how technology can be an ally and making lives better.


By: Marketing Team S4DS