Old or New School, Direct Selling Digital Transformation.

Firstly we need to define what is digital transformation. It is the integration of digital technology into all areas of the Company but is important to consier that this transformation requires a change of business not of tools which is extremely important in order to have a radical change that impacts the organization.

digital transformation

The challenge about digital transformation within the Direct Selling Industry is the constant renewal of habits and style of consumers and distributors, for example huge E-commerce sites, attendance time, transparency of offers and Price.

There is one business model that includes having representatives. It can be a valuable asset if consultants are used as ambassadors of the digital era not only as a sales logistic agent, this last one consumes an enormous period of time, that is why it is important to take into account how to empower them as ambassadors with time and effort restrictions.

There are four successful pilars:

  • Product
  • Opportunity
  • Technology
  • Brand

These pillars are an incredible opportunity in the field, in which success can be achieved using the adequate technology through unique, competitive products combined with a powerful Brand. It is key to leave the comfort zone and think outside the box to achieve greater results and truly bring transformation into Direct Selling companies.

Finally, needs and wishes must be to have big opportunities in short periods of time with no effort or a Little effort at all (Which is what new generations are constantly seeking). Technology can solve this issue and turn i tinto an opportunity, integrating all these functionalities within the organization and with the distributors.