Learn to Use Neuromarketing for your Direct Selling Business

Neuromarketing is a new field of marketing which uses medical technologies such as functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to study the brain’s responses to marketing stimuli.

If you know how the human brain performs you just have to follow those principles to create strategies that can bring sales and loyal customers to your direct selling business.

There is one main thing that you must have in mind when creating a marketing campaign, a sales pitch or anything that you want to create in order to get a sales closed: Human brain is divided into 3 brains:

  1. Cortex Brain: It’s rational, functional, analytic and logic. (15% of decision making) The Thinker
  2. Limbic Brain: it’s emotional, it’s where all feelings and fears are. The Feeler.
  3. Reptilian Brain: intuitive, dominative, reproductive, it’s the animal within ourselves. The Doer. 

neuromarketing and direct selling

Every human being makes a decision based on these 3 brains, the first one is the one that analyze the situation, explain why is good for me to have this? Why this product and not this one other? Explains to other people the reason why he/she got the product with rational sustentation, it’s a the brain that feels smart for the decision made. This plays only a 15% of the purchase decision, so you as a direct selling business owner try to do a good product, but at the end; the functionality of the product is not what people really buy.

The second brain has to be completely with emotions, here is where brands have to create a link between the product and the buyer, there has to be a connection among both in order for human beings consider this purchase. This brain is committed more with the WHY of your direct selling business, why you do this?  what is your purpose?, what is the greatness of being with your brand more than with others? What kind of emotions does your brand transmit?  

And the third one is basically the one that makes the decision by instinct, the first thing it questions is: How this product is going to help me to survive? This brain is the more similar to an animal one, it is always looking for perpetuating life. So is your direct selling business/brand/product covering all these brains up?  

Have into consideration that:


  • Emotional Brain kills Rational Brain
  • An Reptile Brain kills both.


Three aspects are very important but knowing how human brain works will facilitate your path to get easy and closer to your clients.


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By: Daniel MB.

Content Manager at S4DS