Leadership Development Programs In MLM

During the DSA Fall 2017 Conference Jai Leisner from Sylvina Consulting spoke about leadership programs in the session “A Deep Dive into Leadership Development Programs”.



leadership in direct selling

Leadership is something that companies always search in order to keep their business competitive in the Direct Selling industry. To start we need to define who is a leader. A leader is someone who meet the following requirements:

  • Has personally enrolled a lot of consultants
  • Met Team Structure Requirements
  • Met Personal Volume Requirements
  • Met Organization Volume Requirements

These requirements are essential to comply with the company’s policies. Leaders also have to be capable of enrolling all areas of the Company into the same goal. There are two ways to attack these leaders. The first one is showing them that the Company is stable and well funded. The second one is to sell products or services that are purchased more than once.

Now that we have defined what is needed to be a leader, we can move forward into what is needed to develop leadership. It is crucial, since it is a never ending initiative with high priority in successful Direct Selling companies. Is important to see leadership development as an investment in the future.

This development is a complete system that involves, identifying potential leaders, providing training tools and support, rewarding results with recognition, money, building and attracting strong leaders.

Finally, there are some tips to follow in order to achieve a successful leadership development:

  • Define what is a “Leader” for your company
  • Identify behaviors of a “potential leader”
  • Define the path to leadership
  • Develop your leadership training program
  • Define leadership activities

These tips will only be useful if the Company ties them up with a strong engagement program that will train and retrain leaders in a way that encourage them to develop strategies on business changes.