European Statistics for Direct Selling in 2015

SELDIA, The European Direct Selling Association, represents and promotes the interests of 28 National Direct Selling Associations and 19 Corporate Members engaged in Direct Selling, seeking to ensure that the national policy makers and the EU are aware of the industry and its contribution to national economies.  

According to the SELDIA, the sum of the sales of this channel for 2015 in Europe was €32.3 billion, it represents a growth of 4.5% compared to the previous year. In the European Union (EU) the sum of the sales was €28.2 billion, having increased by 7.5% on the previous year. It is an important achievement for Direct Selling, taking into account that the average growth of the Retail channel in the EU was 3% during the same period.

The Top 5 markets for the Direct Selling business within the EU are Germany (€13.9 billion), France (€4.1 billion), UK (€3.6 billion), Italy (€2.6 billion) and Poland (€0.9 billion). Regarding the most preferred products the Cosmetics & Personal Care category presented the highest sales.

During this period 14.5 million people were involved in the Direct Selling business in Europe and 6.4 million was the total for the EU. From the total of the people involved in the EU, 79% were women and 21% were men.

In the following graphics you can find detailed information about the statistics:

european statistics in direct selling

statistics in direct selling