S4DS - Defining a Blue Ocean in Direct Selling Part II


Defining a Blue Ocean in Direct Selling Part II

We continue with the second part of the article: Blue Ocean in Direct Selling.

To develop a successful direct sellings model it is essential to identify certain characteristics, in this second article we develop the following:

  • Representatives
  • Technology
  • Efficiency in the channel
  • Credit to customer
  • Logistics



In this blue ocean an inclusive model is proposed where people of all generations, all ages, all genders and all social classes can participate actively in direct selling.


blue ocean


Representatives Model


  • Influencers sales power
  • The biggest motivator to follow in direct selling today is that they like and believe in the product they offer.
  • You must not carry out all the support activities towards the client, you must be a vehicle for these.

Representatives Profile


  • New generations making part of this market
  • Men and women participating in direct selling
  • Automation of work attracting people to the direct selling industry
  • More and more motivated people and in search of better technology
  • An increasingly virtual representative




  • New technologies and disruptive sellings methods
  • A growing e-commerce
  • Social media increasingly integrated and with more automated tools.
  • Influencers
  • Automated SEO






order to cash




Credits generated specifically for end customers, not for consultants / influencers, the financial aspect is essential to control it by the company, avoiding processes of this type in the hands of others will increase the company's productivity as well.




A well managed logistics is also part of this blue ocean, it is essential for the success in the development of this strategy to send goods directly to the final customer as it is done in a traditional e-commerce, to achieve higher margins, higher productivity, greater satisfaction and also get the customer's knowledge for subsequent marketing strategies.


One last aspect that is part of the blue ocean is the control of the inventory by the company and not by the consultants, to avoid at all costs that they sell products out of stock. This will facilitate processes inside and outside the company that will make this a much more successful model.




"Many people have ideas but only a few decide to carry them out today and not tomorrow" - Nolan Brsuchell




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