Are you Pessimistic or Optimistic About Job Automatization?

Experts have talked about the automatization of jobs

In countries like Japan and United States we can see already this automatization, there are hotels and restaurants that are being managed completely by robots, there might be some mistakes on the performance of these robots yet but they are NOW replacing humans and it’s basically because of these reasons:

  1. Salaries: a robot is purchased one time and that is it,  you need to pay a human salaries, insurance and legal benefits.
  2. Useful life of robots are way too long than humans.
  3. Robots do not protest, do not get sick, do not take vacations, do not get pregnant.
  4. Robots might have less mistakes than humans
  5. New generations also prefer interact with tablets or any technological devices rather than humans.


job automatization

Basically for those reasons Robots are replacing our jobs in many areas, currently we could say it is only in some specific areas but for the close future, professionals like doctors, journalists, financial people and many other jobs would be replaced as well because of the “cloud”.

The Cloud allows robots to learn from all the information available there and not only stay with the first information that were created but to improve their performance overcoming human intelligence.


Many robots have been tested in many areas, and they have been placed in comparison with the best humans of their field, and there is not one only field that we can say robots have not won yet, robots have defeated humans in all areas so far.


Having this clear, the question to ask now is: what this job automatization would bring? It would bring a new creation of jobs, would jobs transform and people would have to move along with the trend as has happened before with the industrial revolution? Or would robots govern all job fields? And how this would affect the life of us as we know it today? And how we would be able to overcome this situation?


Many answers for this might be in Direct Selling, we are preparing for this transformation and are evolving along with the trends of the market.

We at S4DS are optimistic about job automatization, instead of getting scared of this reality we rather seek for ways to prepare and make people lives and incomes better with our technology tools software, job automatization is a great opportunity for this industry, Request a demo now!


Author: Daniel MB.

Content Manager at S4DS