The party module allows You and your influencers/consultants organize events to promote and sell the products of the company at a virtual or physical place.

Our software has the tools to accomplish this events successfully:

  • These events are organized in physical places or virtually.
  • The party can be host by me(the one creating the event) or by other host
  • The party can be host at different addresses, it has the integration with google maps to send the map on the invitation
  • The invitation may be fulfilled with all info regarding the party.
  • There are templates of: invitations, reminders and thank you notes
  • You can either modify the template or create a new template  from scratch
  • You must set the date and send the invitations
  • To promote your party you can either: send the invitation, copy the link and share on social media
  • There is dashboard of the party where you can visualize: Invites – Attendees – Orders
  • There is a party checklist: you can create things that you need to do during and after the party for a successful event.
  • After you have done many parties you can establish goals to accomplish in your next party, i.e: number of orders, attendees, etc.
  • There is a shipping address field: this is where the products are going to be shipped
  • If it is a virtual party: your customers will pay directly, if it is a physical party your influencer/consultant can pay directly for each order or pay for the whole party (when clients give them cash)
  • The host is the one able to give rewards

Attendees can claim a return: once they have made a purchase they may for some reason return the item, you as a company can allow your influencers/consultants to authorize this or do it by yourself. You  or your consultant can accept it and create a credit note or you can also create it automatically so your client can purchase a different product or exchange for something else.