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Strategic Choice Partners:

Strategic Choice Partners brings together a unique combination of industry experience and innovation available to direct selling companies today. It’s a new kind of business development firm that is committed to help direct selling companies not simply be relevant, but to rise above the status quo and emerge as leading, innovative brands that connect with today’s consumer.


Contact: Daniel Murphy (508) 331-2770
Website: https://strategicchoicepartners.com

Pan European

Pan European Solutions are a team of consultants with unparalleled specialist experience and expertise in the Direct Selling industry. Together they have almost 100 years’ experience of successful achievement and collaboration, and a range of skills and resources which enable them to answer all their clients’ needs and provide a comprehensive and complete range of services and advices. Pam Anthony is the leading Executive Recruitment Consultant in the UK, Allan Bell, a qualified accountant, was Managing Director of The Body Shop at Home and Nick Mallett is a lawyer, specializing in Direct Selling legal issues.
They are UK-based, but regularly work on a multi-national basis - they help clients at each and every stage of the process from concept, through strategy and planning to implementation.

Contact: Allan Bell ( 440) 7785 254050
Website: http://paneurosolutions.com/

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directo consultoria

Directo Consultoría

Directo Consultoría is a company with more than 25 years of combined experience of its 3 partners who have worked in various well known companies like Avon, Leonisa and Lebon. Our company specializes in the design, implementation, operation and optimization of Direct Sales channels and other channels that reach out to the final consumer in all kinds of categories: clothing, food, transportation, housing, among others.
Directo Consultoría has 8 years in the market, with more than 200 projects in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, United States and Europe, with an index of more than 50% repurchase.

Contact: info@directoconsultoria.com
Website: http://directoconsultoria.com/

Dan Jensen Consulting

We have worked with well over 800 direct selling companies in every corner of the world. No one has more experience nor had a better track record. We are confident that we have had that kind of success for two reasons:
We work from a proven methodology. We design our compensation plans customized specifically for your business in a truly collaborative process. We follow fundamental principles to create behavior based incentives that drive success – for the field and for our client’s businesses!

Contact: Dan Jensen 1-360-852-8300
Website: http://danjensen-consulting.com/
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smps Legal

SMPS Legal

SMPS Legal provides cutting-edge legal services to address the needs of today’s leading corporations in the Latin American Region. SMPS Legal is a boutique law firm with regional expertise formed by a team of experienced and specialized lawyers committed to offering integrated multidisciplinary legal counsel in Latin America from strategically located offices.
From knowledge of the local commercial and corporate customs and practices, to evaluating the relevant sectors of the economy and obtaining specialized legal advice, SMPS Legal assists its clients maximize the opportunities offered by the Region, providing timely and cost effective advice.

Contact: info@smps.com.mx
Website: http://www.smpslegal.com/

LM - Loyalty Marketing & Business

Loyalty Marketing & Business is a Business Consulting and Development Company in Direct Selling. It counts on professionals of ample experience, built in the biggest Direct Selling companies, national and multinational, active in the Brazilian market. LM also operates in projects and programs aimed at loyalty to companies, brands and products.

The main objective of LM is to provide the full range of services and meet all the needs of companies that are interested in or already act in the Direct Sales segment, including the development, implementation and total or partial management of the business.

Contact: lmkt@lmkt.com.br
Phone: (55) (11) 5536.5159
Website: http://www.lmkt.com.br/
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directbiz consultants

DIRECTBIZ Consultants

Directbiz was born in 1997, as a result of the passion for direct sales business.
With the experiences of these years, we developed a unique work methodology, based on an "intelligence nucleus" formed by multidisciplinary consultants and specialists in various areas of business structuring and operation

Contact: pinheiro@directbiz.com.br 
Website: https://www.directbiz.com.br/home/

SCHARLACK Legal Business Solutions

We provide legal business solutions. We live in the business world in which we always target the fastest, simplest, most direct and best fitting solution to of those who seek our help.

Wether you are an entrepeneur, a start- up or even medium or big-sized multinational our legal intelligence is at your disposition.

Contact: gbo@scharlack.legal
Website: http://www.scharlack.legal/

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Millar Kreklewetz

Millar Kreklewetz LLP / Canadian Direct Selling Attorneys

Millar Kreklewetz LLP is a boutique tax and trade law firm specializing in direct selling start-ups.  We believe that we lead the field in Canadian expertise, and have acted for over 200 different Canadian direct selling companies over the past 30 years.  We offer excellent, timely and cost-effective services, for small start-ups to entrenched direct selling leaders.  Canada is the first logical step for North American direct selling companies looking to expand globally, and we would be delighted to assist.

Contact: Rob Kreklewetz  (416) 864 – 6200
Website: http://www.taxandtradelaw.com/directselling.html

Neurevo Consulting

are performance partners to the Direct Selling industry taking the challenges out of expanding your business. As consultants we offer a ‘one-stop’ destination of support, focused on adding value to your business.

Let’s us work with you in addressing the challenges you have, by adding our experience, knowledge and skills to your business, we are just a contact away from starting with you right now!

Contact: dave@neurevo.com
Website: http://neurevo.com/

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