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Party Plan is a successful business model that has been gaining strength in the past decades.

These are the main characteristics of the Party Plan model:
  • The products are distributed through independent sellers.
  • The products are promoted and marketed in meetings at home or private parties organized by a distributor or host.
  • The main objective of these meetings is to demonstrate and expose the main benefits and characteristics of the products and services to a group of potential buyers.
  • After the demonstrations, the hosts take the orders of those attending the event.
  • One of the objectives of a Party Plan event is also to recruit new salespeople.
  • It is a system for the generation of sales and / or business opportunities
  • The main items that are marketed in this mode are kitchen utensils, household items, jewelry, cosmetics, bags and clothing.
  • In these events it is common to provide incentives and discounts to both distributors and attendees. 

The party plan model is more about gaining profits by doing sales in events than having a multilevel marketing, is about using your residence and your free time to promote products that may be interesting for your friends.
Experts on party plan say the key to be successful on this is not seeing it as a job but feeling it more as you are organizing an event in your home as it was for a special occasion.
Once the attendees are feeling great and comfortable you can just start showing your products, offering snacks and keeping the same atmosphere at the time you are selling and making money at the best possible location for you and your guests.
Party plan model allows people to celebrate, share and make money!
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