Multilevel marketing or MLM is a Direct Selling model in which the sales force sells products directly to consumers through recommendations and word of mouth marketing. MLM commercials not only sell the company’s products, but encourage others to join the company as distributors. It is  a strategy in which associates are remunerated not only for the sales they generate, but also for the sales made by their network.

 are predominantly women, although the proportion has begun to shift in recent years. The percentage of male direct sellers is increasing.

Another market that mlm companies are trying to reach nowadays is the so known Millennials or Generation Y, an unusual market through the years for this industry but an important opportunity.

Direct sellers with a right vision of the market already notice that these young individuals have different behavior patterns, they have other priorities in life and see direct selling as a prefect opportunity.

How to caught the aye of these generations is the question for direct sellers.

1.Freedom, time to express in other areas of their lives, success in other activities, time to travel, no bosses, no time restrictions

2.Show a technological platform where they feel they can interact as usual in their daily lives (social media)

Those 2 principles are the basis to attract people to your multilevel marketing company, having this in mind and developed strategies based on those two factor you will duplicate or even more your sales force in less than you imagine.

The old school consultants or the ones that are already immerged on the business have some specific characteristics:

Nearly 9 out of every 10 consultants are part-time, and work out of the home as distributors of a given line of products. Many multi-level companies also employ a “party plan” strategy.

People involved in multilevel marketing has seen advantages to live their lives independently, managing their own time, creating a better lifestyle taking care of their children or having more time for other leisure activities that are not possible to perform working as a fixed employee.

Some examples of Multilevel Marketing Companies:

  • Avon
  • Herbalife
  • World Financial Group