Catalog sales are an expanding business option due to the convenience and service provided to customers, which in most cases includes demonstration and personal explanation of the products, home delivery and comprehensive satisfaction guarantees. The catalog vendors are a distribution channel with unique products that are not available in traditional stores.

The business consists of showing the samples of specific brands to family members, friends and the entire network of contacts. The revenue are related to the volumes.

Catalog sales shall be used physical but most importantly now through the internet, in the digital era is fundamental for those companies that have been successfully using this direct selling model physically transfer it to digital

Many companies and buyers have really done the transfer of catalog sales to the internet, The reasons for that are pretty straight forward. Listing items is cheaper and more efficient on the internet, and assortments and prices can be changed instantly, not only is matter of trend but also about costs.

Some neuromarketers findings have shown that people like to see, touch and feel the physical catalog, the best strategy then is to maintain both ideas approaching different type of markets.

Also here is important to have into consideration that direct selling has three different markets to approach:

  1. The always existing market composed by women and usually people not tech-savvy
  2. The young people that wants to manage their time and fit perfectly on the direct selling models and are totally tech-savvy
  3. The ones that are in the middle, have knowledge of the direct selling business, were born without technology but are curious and are always open to learn about technology.

 Having these three targets clear you just have to define your strategy, which market you want to straight for, you want to work with all of them or how are you going to work?

Defining this you just have to know that if you are going to approach groups number 2 and number 3  you just have to get a software for direct selling that help you manage this catalogs easily, make order immediately and have it all under control

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