BINARY MODEL – Direct Selling Software


It is a Direct Selling model, which is based on two legs of structure, meaning that the organization of the network is only generated on these two sides.

Some characteristics of this model are:

  • The Payment is made to the weakest leg or based on a balance
  • Each distributor is permitted to have only two distributors on the first level – called business centers.
  • Each member only responsible for recruiting and sponsoring two others to join the plan

The binary compensation plan is still one of the most preferred and used in direct selling. Companies in the top rank of direct selling industry prefer this plan because of the simplicity to motivate people to become part of the business.

You are allowed to grow your network(legs) on the depth but with restrictions on the width (only two sides), the depth network can grow as much as you wish and you just have to do a hard labor to start the net once, the rest relies on each member, as long as each person do not stop finding the two legs, you will keep alive and growing.

direct selling software is the best choice if you are a MLM company and want to have a binary compensation plan.

Our software will facilitate the calculation of bonuses and the whole process for your success in direct selling.

Our S4DS direct selling software offers functionalities that help developed successfully your binary compensation plan, sometimes a multilevel marketing can become hard to manage but with the right software you will be able to let all your worries behind regarding payment plans, motivational plans and operational plans.

Direct Selling Binary Model