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Operations S4DS

The operations module is oriented to support processes, for all Direct Selling businesses (MLM, Party Plan and Direct Sales), such as order entry, inventory assignment, billing, integrations, etc.

The main objective is the workflow implementation order entry processes throughout configurable status and business rules, that attempt to find:

  • Quality, ease of use and advanced data in order entries

  • Valid access control for order entries according to mail plans

  • Quick inventory releasement according to current client´s portfolio status

  • Workflow status overview


Order Processing

It displays the control panel for users in the operational area. Additionally, it shows order processing and pending checklists grouped by zone where users can implement them and manage the whole order data.

Operations S4DS 2

The operations model main objective, remains on the authentication of order entries by the sales force, portfolio management, payments receipt and endorsement in order to have a proper stock shipping, fulfilling the main service levels adopted by the client.

  1. Order´s management

  • Order management

  • Order entry

  • Order references edition

  • Order details consultation

  1. Plan and execute order´s processing

  • Plan and execute processes orders

  • Oder processing monitor

  • Audit implementation  

  1. Order Reports

  • List of orders

  • Order Details

  1. Operational control for campaign

  • Campaign closure

  • Historical record of campaign closure


Billing and Payments:

It allows a dynamic handling of billing, payment and company portfolio, by providing the stencil movements information online.  

 Operations S4DS 3
  1. Billing

  • Query and invoice generation

  • Invoice report

  1. Payments

  • Payment file upload

  • Payment reconciliation

  • Payments report

  1. Balance settings

  • Overview of notes per client (credit –debit)

  • Notes issuing

  • Notes report

  • General settings of overdue balances

  1. Operational portfolio management (OPM)

  • Collection management

  • Balance and account history enquires

  • Portfolio query by age

  • Collection management report

  1. Document Management

  • Document range management  

  • Invoice customization



Allow the integrations with different entities in both ways, automtic and manually, through we services or flat files.

Operations S4DS 4

  1. Entities

  • Inventory – Warehouses

  • Clients

  • Orders

  • Returns

  • Invoicing

  • Payments

  • Notes

  • Commissions

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