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Logistics S4DS


S4DS offers a complete coverage of the logistics activities of the company, generating a detailed control over the processes that are performed within the different models of Direct Selling: Single Level, Party Plan, and Multilevel Marketing.


The module that S4DS offers for the logistics area of the business aims to support the processes related with the inventory and storage of products, as well as with the physical distribution.


Inventory and Storage

The Inventory and Storage administrator allows the consultation of the products in stock under different filters and characteristics. Additionally, it permits to register the adjustments done in one specific product reference. In this sub module it is also possible to consult the product’s movements, by filtering by lot or by warehouse.


  1. Warehouse Management

  • Multiple warehouse management

  • Stock movement between multiple warehouses

  1. Inventory lots

  • Identification by equivalent code, SKU and references

  • Inventory allocation

  • Grouping of products by lots

  1. Service Level Management

  • Is defined according to the business model of the company


Logistics and Distribution

Logistics refers to delivering the order to the customer in the right place, with the right product, at the right time and in the right conditions.

The administrator of the logistic information allows our users to register all the activities related with the delivery of the products. By categorizing the time needed for the shipment, the specific territorial division, the mean of transportation, the logistic operator and the shipping cost.


  1. Packing Line and List Management

  2. Packing

  3. Transportation

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