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Customer Service

S4DS Software, specialized in the Direct Selling Industry and all the models, including MLM, Single Level and Party Plan, has a complete module for the customer service area and all the sub-modules needed to manage it, including the consultant query, a complete ticketing system and the returns and exchanges management. Below you will find the detail of each tool:

Customerservice S4DS

Consultant Query

Our MLM Software has a screen with a complete visualization of the activities performed by a consultant in our multi-level marketing software. In this consultant query you have the possibility to edit and manage all the requests of a consultant, entering either the name or the identification number. Some of the activities that can be visualize and managed are:

  • Issues
  • Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Benefits
  • Referral Program
  • Commission movements
  • Contact Information
  • Points

Issue Management

S4DS MLM Software has a full ticketing system integrated for the issue management. This module has the possibility to visualize the status of the registered issues (Open, critics, next to expire, expired, and my own issues) those issues can be visualized one by one, filter and view the detailed information of each issue to perform the necessary management.

Finally, it is possible to register new issues or requests to any user, who become part of the sales force.


customer service S4DS 2

Returns and Exchanges

Our MLM Software, has a module specialized for returns & exchanges, in which there are all the returns and/or exchanges requests, the user can register new requests, see and manage the returns and exchanges.

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