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Analysis Information

S4DS provides its own model of cross-sectional information withdrawal for the entire process, allowing the decision making process available at any time, aimed to the different models of Direct Selling: Multilevel marketing (MLM), party plan, single level.

Analysisinfo S4DS
  • S4DS MLM Software has a performance indicators sub-module in which users can visualize relevant operational activities status online of a Direct Selling company: Consultants (active, enrolments, inactive and reactivations), orders (total in operation, canceled or billed), inventory your availability, service levels, among other.

  • In addition, S4DS Multilevel Marketing Software has a complete Reports sub-module: consolidated, detailed, historical, of the different activities of the operation of a Direct Selling company. With the ability to download reports in PDF and Excel columns only necessary for the company and schedule the various reports to send periodically to one or more users.

Attached you can find several reports included in our MLM program:


  • Network – New

  • Customer – Sales

  • Consolidated by category

  • Sales – Invoices

  • Sales – Collection

  • Orders

  • Service Levels

  • Events – Party plan

  • Logistics (Year – upload – orders – service – deliveries – network)

  • Network

  • Points

  • Balance

  • Dynamic Report

  • Consolidated – visits

  • Consolidated – Products

  • Consolidated – Deliveries

  • Consolidated – Profitability

  • Detailed – Payments

  • Detailed – Balance

  • Detailed - Products

  • Finally, S4DS Multilevel software has a Multidimensional analysis, where important detail indicators of the direct selling industry are display: performing an analysis of orders, sales, units, service levels and indicators of the sales network.

S4DS , multilevel marketing software gives you a complete analysis for decision making of direct selling companies in the different models: Multilevel (MLM), party plan, single level.

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