Flat Sale


It is a business model which consists of a single level and involves the traditional Direct Selling in which the adviser / business woman-men / distributor manages and sells directly to the network and makes the orders to distribute them when they arrive.

Normally companies that work in flat sales have area leaders that are in charge of directing groups of vendors and distributors so that they can achieve their objectives and achieve better sales and better benefits for both the client and the salesperson / consultant.

Here lies the difference between sale by catalog and flat sale, the flat sale is better structured and has more specialized consultants who are in charge of a specific amount of consultants.
These specialized consultants are divided according to the guidelines of the company, they can be divided by zones, sectors, cities or even countries.

The objective of these consultants in addition to covering an entire territory properly is to motivate and encourage the traditional consultant to promote their business, achieve their objectives, achieve career with the company and be fully committed to the business.