Since the technological revolution has given a complete spin in customers' buying habits and perception, making people get used to a faster, more specific and modern way of purchasing products and services, the philosophical and operational shift in retail companies is not just an upcoming fact, it's already happening.

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It's all about the customer

The main difference, among the other existing differences between the traditional systems and the emerging ones, is that the buying experience is now completely customer oriented, since our way of living everyday goes faster and technology allows people to have lots of information and options to choose from.

It is not the store that shows the customer the options that best suit their needs. It is the customer who demands a specific service or product, based on immediacy, to which the store must adapt and respond efficiently.

Click and Collect

We will see more and more the implementation of methods such as click and collect, through which customers choose the products available in the store by Ecommerce or catalog, and then pick them up at the store or at a specific distribution point.

This is a natural consequence of the evolution of things in our era, that of technology, the internet and nowism.

Physical and structural changes in retail stores

The effects of this will not only affect the products, services and selling experiences, but also the design and structure of stores.

Since methods like E-commerce and Click and Collect allow to speed up the buying and transportation processes, there will also be a need for a fast movement and circulation inside the store. In order to avoid issues in the flow and mobility, spaces where customers pick up their products will have to be optimized and rethinked.

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