S4DS - How to Use Social Media for Direct Selling Companies


I finally experienced the real, most fundamental benefit of social media for direct sales companies.

social media in direct selling

  It’s not prospecting.

  It’s not retention.

  It’s not recruiting.

  It’s brand awareness, in its simplest form.


Brand Awareness in Action

A while back, while scrolling through Facebook updates, I noticed one of my high school friends touting their love for a certain direct sales company. A day later, another high school friend posted a similar message for the same company. Then another.

Within a week’s time, I saw about 10 of my high school friends posting messages about this one company.

It struck me as to how powerful, even for me, this process was.

Assuming I wasn’t familiar with the company, here’s how that thought process can work with each message that’s posted:

Huh. I wonder who Brand X is.

Look at that; Sally likes Brand X, too.

Jennifer and Sarah both take Brand X? How have I not heard of this product before? And why is everyone in my hometown talking about it?

Holy crap! Christy lost 10 pounds on this stuff. I gotta ask them about this.

And on it goes.

I’ve never been one to get too spun up over “brand awareness campaigns.” But I see how powerful creating awareness by leveraging each of your fans’ social networks can be.

Within just a few posts in this example, I went from not knowing a thing about a company, to wanting to get my hands on it ASAP. All because I heard about it from several trusted and known friends.

By just seeing a few posts from trusted friends, you can go from not knowing about a product to wanting it ASAP. 

What are you doing to make sharing like this more likely in your company?



By Brett Duncan fom Strategic Choice Partners




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