The Importance of Influencers in Direct Selling

An amazing option in the direct selling industry to empower sales, engage new customers and motivate the current ones, are the influencers, it is key to work with them towards the same goal. Since influencers can impact positively your company, interaction with them is a must in order to implement successfully this strategy.


Since this is becoming a trend, S4DS has created a tool in which influencers can empower their business. They will have their own site with the same look and fill of the corporate one, but with their story. In their site they will find functionalities such as sharing articles, having their biography, personalized pictures, one picture that will identify them as influencers, personalized URL and more.

 S4DS is integrated with ADDTHIS, an incredible tool in which all interaction and possible ways influencers have for the online brand positioning are covered, since they can share in social networks all of their daily activity.

There are some steps to follow to work correctly with your influencers.

  • Identify your influencers, find someone that is sincere and loyal.
  • Create opportunities for them to feel they are part of the company and can change what people think and the actions they take towards your company.
  • Take the time to listen when they criticize.

Influencers can help to achieve what the company needs in order to move from normal to amazing, this is the reason why working with them is so important and aligning your strategy with all the areas of the company is fundamental.