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Customer service department is your window into the world of your sales force.

customer service in direct selling

According to Chris Clark, a Direct Selling advisor from Strategic Choice Partners specialized in the areas of customer service and distribution fulfillment, the “customer service department is your window into the world of your sales force”. Companies should have a tracking system that allow them to take notes, in order to offer the best service to its customers.

Relevant information should include:

  • WHO: Consultant name, number and contact information.
  • WHAT: Briefly describe the situation, and be sure to tie it to an order number.
  • WHEN: Date and time the inquiry came in.
  • HOW: Was it a phone call? Fax (yes, companies still use this!)? Email? Noting how reps choose to make contact helps determine where departmental resources are needed.

But it is not only important to collect the information, but also to organize the flow that the information must follow. Where does de information go next? Who needs to know what? To which category belong each in inquiry? (shipping, marketing, operations, etc.). How the resolution for each issue is going to be tracked?

An accurate and carefully tracked information helps each department of the company understand what is working and what needs to be improved.

S4DS, Software for Direct Selling, Multilevel Marketing (MLM) and Paty Plan models, provides a complete Customer Service module with a fully integrated ticketing system that supports companies to manage and track all the necessary information, by helping them to categorize the information and assign the specific issues to the responsible areas. This module also allows to prioritize the inquiries and to assign specific SLA’s for their resolution.




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