S4DS - What is a Mlm Software as a Service?


A SaaS or Software as a Service is a software distribution system to provide host applications and make them available to the users over the internet.

SaaS offers is a model that allows users to pay for the usage of a system instead of having to purchase it. And generally the payment for this service is done in a monthly basis.

The price structure in companies with a SaaS models are usually flexible plans that offer features and support according to each customer’s needs.

Advantages of SaaS models:

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Not only in resources, but also in time because of the flexibility offered by the model. SaaS offers the option of starting to run a software with a basic system in terms of scope and functionalities. And once the company is growing they can upload their software package to broaden its scope.

Providers are in charge of updates and maintenance:  Customers do not need to worry about the maintenance of the system or about the new versions or updates that need to be undertook over time. All these activities are in charge of the SaaS vendor.

Facilitates mobility: Having a SaaS system facilitates the mobility to the customers. Because users can access the software and the data from any place of the world and from any device, only with an internet connection. You don’t have to worry about creating apps for the different types of devices because this problem is solved by the service vendor. Additionally, there is no need to have more staff to manage the security issues that are intrinsic to mobile technology.

Security: Due to the fact that SaaS systems are based in the cloud, the data will be safer than when it is located in your own computer. Moreover, continuous back ups are done, and those can also be storage locally for extra security.

S4DS is a SaaS Direct Selling Software:

S4DS, is a SaaS MLM Software for Direct Selling companies that offers all the above mentioned advantages. S4DS provides companies in the industry with great control of the cost because the options to launch the system go along with the needs of each company. Besides S4DS offers a price model based on a monthly fee, the guarantee of having always the latest technology and updates without a big IT team to maintain the system, the ease of mobility that allows to access the data from any device with internet connection, and the reliability of having all the information in the Amazon Cloud.




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