Technology in Direct Selling, closing the gap between people

Technology in Direct Selling, closing the gap between people

Technology has created complete new ways to interact, purchase and learn. All over the world the impact of technology developments have changed our ways in the last 100 years more than in the previous 2000 years of human societies.

Direct Selling just like any other business model has been hit by the new ways of shopping that technology has provided. With both Ecommerce giants and startups being able to reach customers all over the world, the simple face-to-face model of Direct Selling has been left behind. But it doesn’t mean it is over for Direct Selling companies, on the other hand, with the use of technology developments, Direct Selling can continue offering a success opportunity for millions of independent sellers all over the world that wouldn’t have other options.

Embracing technology and adapting it to the sales processes of their massive sales forces is the way that Direct Selling stays current in a constantly changing digital world. We have all been witnesses of how Direct Selling companies are adopting digital selling trends like e-commerce, social selling, digital training, automatic payments, CRM integrations and it has been the key to increase consultants’ sales and to be a relevant business model in a modern frame of omnichannel presence.

Bringing opportunities to millions 

We have seen how consumption of technology reaches all corners of society, and we have also seen how Direct Selling has been an opportunity for income generation for people in all societies. So what happens when we combine them? 

Putting technology at the service of mankind is the epitome of a Direct Selling business. Is the modernization of the ancient face-to-face sales, and it is the future of the seamless omnichannel business presence in the world.

Direct Selling is a human-centric business model, relationship-based and strengthened by the interactions of people, with the modernization and digitalization of this business model, technology sets the precedent for the empowerment and opportunity creation in societies with large gaps in their populations. With new technological features for consultants, adopting of Social Selling practices, Direct Selling reaches people in all socio-cultural levels. 

Technology in Direct Selling, helping the industry to close the gap between people

We believe the future of Direct Selling rellies in the capacity that Direct Selling companies have to make consultants more efficient with technology, leveraging people’s digital relationships into sales. With digital shopping consumption for “global e-retail sales amounted to 2.8 trillion U.S. dollars in 2018 and projections show a growth of up to 4.8 trillion U.S. dollars by 2021” Statista. And with digital consumers from all ages looking to upgrade their shopping experiences in different ways and valuing different offerings, Direct Selling companies are implementing tech features all over their value chain for consultants in all socio-cultural levels to benefit from them. 

Direct Selling companies implement technology in their operations easily throughout the whole process, maximizing sales efficiency:

  • With a customer-centric approach in their strategy
  • Empowering consultants with customer-centric content to power their social selling
  • Digital training programs
  • Logistics that maximize the areas of impact of each distributor
  • Communication channels that seamlessly ease the interaction customer – consultant – company
  • Fast enrollment programs
  • Cash-out commission payments.

Direct Selling, closing society gaps

Inequality can be tied to many different problems in societies. But Direct Selling is a human business and has changed the income generation for millions without other employment and income generation options. As a side hustle or as a full-time activity, Direct Selling has been and will continue being a business model that does not discriminate, that does not require endless resources from consultants and that adapts to everyone’s objectives. 

There are 3 stages of the operations in which Direct Selling businesses can continue closing the gap between people with new ways of facilitating sales and income generation with technology :

In the enrollment process

  • Fast enrollment programs
  • Starting kits
  • Social media ads
  • Influencers marketing
  • Immediate commission payments

In the sales operations

  • E-commerce presence
  • Consultant back office (virtual office)
  • Order management
  • Content generation 
  • Lead management 
  • Internal communications
  • Integrations with multiple third-party payment processors
  • Mobile responsive Software Solutions

In the logistics

  • Third-party integrations for faster shipping
  • Orders shipped faster directly to customers
  • Customer service tickets managements
  • Integrations with efficient logistics providers

S4DS is committed to closing gaps with technology

Let us show you how your Direct Selling business can continue contributing to the quality of life of millions around the world, while making it easier to manage your operations. Provide your sales force with all the technological features they need to increase their sales efficiency. Our S4DS Software Solution for Direct Selling can take your business to a new level, by leveraging technology for your consultants:

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