Whitepaper: Five Digital Techniques to Strengthen Your Social Selling Strategy

Download: Five Digital Techniques to Strengthen your Social Selling Strategy by S4DS

At S4DS we know Social Selling. Being the go-to technology ally for businesses all over the world to boost their sales with the implementation and strengthening of a Social Selling Channel or the digitalization of their retail and direct selling channel for over 25 years, we have confirmed the potential of valuable relationship-building in digital environments to drive sales.

How to boost your business’s sales performance with a social selling channel? These five digital techniques will help you strengthen your strategy and take your sales to a whole new level easily and with minimal friction. 

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If you are in sales, you probably already know that finding prospects and turning them into leads can be challenging. In fact, this may well be one of the most difficult processes of any business’s sales funnel. 

But don’t worry, we’ll let you in on the knowledge we have built over the years to drive sales even in difficult times. As technology allies for businesses all over the world for over 25 years,  at S4DS we have learned that success may be actually quite simple if you plan right. The secret is to reach those potential customers where they actually are and with the messages, they are expecting to receive.

Your sales team should look for clients and make their experience as smooth as possible. 

With over half of the world’s population currently on social media, most of the time, you’ll be able to find them on digital channels. 

In that sense, Social Selling IS your best bet to achieving a successful digital onmichannel sales strategy. 

With its popularity spiking all over the world since 2016, you probably already heard all about Social Selling. Yet, at S4DS we have seen its potential going to waste so many times.

Too often and due to the huge amount of online information, the terms Social Selling, Social Commerce, and Social Media Marketing are confused. 

It isn’t uncommon also for independent sales representatives to use their social media without a strategy or simply by posting uncompliant information that doesn’t transmit their brand message correctly. They may be the biggest advocates for your brand, but don’t quite know how to make the best out of their communicative and storytelling skills to communicate that feeling effectively. 

Training them to reach the full potential of their skills, providing them with clear guidelines and customizable content, while providing them with the best technological tools for the content planning, creation, publishing, and nurturing journey is a great way to keep them motivated to become the best social sellers their potential allows and ultimately drive sales. 

That’s why we decided to create the ultimate guide to strengthen your Social Selling strategy with five simple digital Techniques that will help you take your business to the next level. 

The Social Selling Opportunity: Five techniques for building a pipeline that generates revenue by acquiring social media leads that turn into customers.

1. Social Selling is not just posting on social media

Train your sales forces to generate revenue through their social selling efforts. Conversions are their goal, not likes and follows.

2. Shape your online brand messages

Empower your representatives to transmit your brand’s message and values effectively to accurate audiences with clear guidelines and compliance policies.

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Experience the power of S4DS’s Software to provide better and more competitive advantages for your Social Selling Team

Provide your sales force with the technological features they need to increase their sales efficiently. S4DS’s Software Solution for Social Selling can take your business to the next level, by leveraging technology for your sales team.

Our Backoffice got all the tools to turn consultants into your brand influencers. This tool allows them to digitally manage their entire business, communications, and sales transactions to maximize their sales efforts. Offer them, training materials to communicate your brand’s message effectively, 360-degree customer view and order management throughout the buying journey, and report dashboards to make timely decisions.

Along with that, S4DS’s replicated and Influencer’s E-commerce will allow your business to supply sales representatives with their own Website and E-commerce as an extension of the Company’s Online Store. Here influencers and consultants will have their personal information and will be able to customize it and share it with their network to generate more sales that get automatically tagged to their personal efforts and calculated as part of their commission. 

In the meanwhile, the company keeps control over the replicated site through the administrator’s backoffice. 

On top of that, our customizable LMS allows you to create a tailored, elearning experience to dynamically boost your team’s selling capabilities with role personalization and learning paths according to their profiles.

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