Social Selling is Transforming Direct Selling

“Consumers now have real time constant access to what people are saying or recommending. They can and do ask for advice about their decisions and can summon a crowds opinion in an instant.” (Gilliam, 2012)

social selling

Social Selling has become a revolution, modern customer’s decisions are determined by social media. This is a new era in which human interaction is taking place in cyberspace. Direct selling companies must understand this massive transformation, involving all the implications, advantages, challenges and alliances. On the other hand, understanding social selling is critical. It’s a place to connect, not collect. Currently most direct selling companies are lacking the power social media has, all connections and company growth they can acquire there.

Critical success factors for this transformation are divided in programs and products.


  • Align business to social activities
  • Motivate right behaviors
  • At the right time = Now


  • Targeted to the right demographic
  • Socially sharable – Demonstrable
  • Positioned and priced right

Some tips to apply social media in direct selling are:

  • Apply what you’ve already learned about direct selling into social media
  • Just like in the real world, find ways to connect to one person at a time
  • Don’t do what everyone else has already done
  • Use social media as a referral system, they influence drastically purchasing decisions
  • Interact with social selling and take it one step forward. This mean connecting and engaging your future costumers

Finally direct selling companies must engage in the importance of fostering relations as a combination with social selling which will embrace credibility, increase sales and bring inspiration and hope to retain people in your business.