Basado en el artículo"10 Leading Influencer Marketing Trends for 2019"  de Influencer Marketing Hub.

In the previous publication we talked about what is happening in the world of Social Media today.

Important news such as the first time that Facebook gets stuck since its inception and Instagram's accelerated growth, among others, are prominent topics. In this article we will complement this information with more interesting data.



Since Instagram incorporated the IGTV alternative to allow the implementation of long videos in the best Youtube style, but with the difference that the video format should be vertical and not horizontal, this functionality has been well received by the users and influencers begin to make more use of it.


As we mentioned in the previous publication, where we talked about the types of influencers, the micro-influencers and nano-influencers are being increasingly sought after by brands.

And this is because, at the beginning of social networks, the general concept was "the more followers, the better". This has been disproved after evidencing that influencers who obtain better results when promoting specific products or services are not those who have more followers, such as a Hollywood actor or a famous musician, but those who know about a certain topic, and they have earned their reputation thanks to their knowledge, talents, opinions and generated content.

For this reason, the tendency for companies to prioritize micro and nano-influencers continues to increase.


Since there is a massive amount of publications by influencers, both organic and sponsored, it has already become a norm to indicate and label the sponsored ones. This topic has been discussed for quite some time and is finally being implemented as a norm.


Brands begin to join and to be very specific about the use of fake followers. Even if an influencer has quality followers, if some of those are false, this may reduce his opportunities. It is not difficult to detect fake followers. It would not be a smart move for any influencer to fatten their number of followers with these methods.


Social Media, through influencers, is gaining more relevance everyday in companies' reaching and awareness channels, wich ultimately means not only more sales but also a way to build a relationship with customers to understands their needs.

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