Today we will continue with the second part of the previous article, where we talk about the main technical causes that generate errors in your Ecommerce SEO. Taking into account these tips, your positioning will improve.

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Duplicated content is one of the most frequent issues and often occur in sites where there are many pages, much information and similar data between one product and another.

It usually happens also with h1, h2, h3 titles, wich are important for Google.

Having duplicated content generates decrease in the SEO Score, so it's important to prevent this and, in cases where it has already happened, you must fix it by modifying texts and information.

In Ecommerce, it usually happens that, if products related to the same category generate many different URLs and these are indexed by Google, it will be very possible that duplicated contents of many types (titles, descriptions, names) will be generated.


Snippets are text fragments on pages that contain information related to the products. When these are extensive and especially if exceed 100 characters, will be considered as duplicated content by the search engines.


Each page must have its own description according to the product, but if it's the same in all, it will be duplicate content. You can keep phrases repeated on different pages, but not an extensive text.


As we said in the article Technical aspects of SEO for Ecommerce part 1, the first big step will be to eliminate unnecessary urls. Later, if for example category filters generate unique urls, they must be excluded from indexing and include the "canonical" tag, so Google will understand that it is not a single page but a variation.


It is very important for your content to be not very light and, if possible, to include more than 1000 words. In this way, Google will better understand what each page is about and index it easily.

Since it's not easy to provide content to so many pages, you must use a structure such as:

Intro: 50 - 100 words

List of bullets

Product description

Conclusion and call to action


This is another crucial element. Main causes that affect this are usually:

Code saturation

High image weight

Slow hosting service

To solve it, it is recommended:

Using a good hosting provider, even if it is more expensive, will be beneficial.

Obtaining a CDN will optimize the upload speeds and the risks of server crash.

Optimize images weight: Its fundamental taking into account the large number of images in an Ecommerce. You should seek to use appropriate formats and measures so that images have the least possible weight without affecting the resolution.


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Based on the publication "Ecommerce SEO The definitive guide" by Brian Dean.



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