Following the line of our previous publications, at this point we must talk about the technical part of Ecommerce, this is the code and programming.

Usually there are many aspects to take into account in this regard and achieve a well programmed site, which involves correcting code errors or leftover codes that slow down the load or that generate obstructions can provide an important improvement that will influence your Ecommerce's positioning.

SEO tips for ecommerce


There are multiple tools to perform audits, even browsers, especially Google Chrome, have this option in their inspector which can provide important data. Some of the best known are:

  • Raven Tools
  • Semrush
  • Deepcrawl
  • Screaming frog
  • Site Condor
  • Hrefs

All these tools offer deep scanners of your Ecommerce site and they report the errors found to be corrected. Some of these can be critical and others not so much, but undoubtedly the arrangement of these will bring a great improvement in the Ecommerce's performance and therefore in SEO.

Some of the points that are usually reported in most cases are:

Css or Javascript code errors

Missing Meta descriptions

Long or short page titles

Replicated Contents or texts

Low word content

Broken links

Omitted Alt Texts


Since Ecommerce contains a large number of pages, writing different content for each of them is a complex task. To solve this, it is recommended:

1 Remove pages that you do not need or can't not be well indexed without affecting your bottom line. Many of the product pages in an Ecommerce are rarely visited and most of the sales are focused on other pages. Instead of improving them one by one, it is better to delete them or merge them into a single main page.

Ecommerce CMS like Shopify and Google Analytics tools will give you valuable information to determine which pages you should reconsider. In the next article we will tell you how you can solve the other flaws that we mentioned previously, for the moment, start by subtracting unnecessary weight from your Ecommerce.

From here, work will be reduced and everything that will be done will flow better.


S4DS Software Tools are designed to help boost our customers' SEO. With features such as Automatic SEO that will help you through:

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Based on the publication "Ecommerce SEO The definitive guide" by Brian Dean.



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