S4DS - S4DS at the Direct Selling Association Annual Meeting


We look forward to meet you during the Annual Meeting. We will be located in the BOOTH NUMBER 700.

With more than 25 years of experience in the Direct Selling Industry S4DS offers a unique One-Stop Software Solution that allows clients to manage all of the activities involved in their direct selling processes.  We provide several amazing features that empower our customers and make it easier for them to grow which is unique to our platform:    

  1. Timeline to track all the downline activities
  2. Lead Management
  3. Fully integrated CRM
  4. Complete Party Plan system
  5. E-learning module
  6. Full integration with external social media through AddThis
  7. S4DS is a Software as a Service in Amazon Cloud
  8. S4DS is a complete solution no add-ons needed
  9. Fully Integrated with third parties
  10. Complete E-Commerce management


Contact us at (415) 692-5515


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+1 786 591 7702