S4DS - Party Plan tools in S4DS Software - Direct Selling Models


S4DS is a specialized Software for the managements of Direct Selling and E-commerce channels. Our scope includes tools and functionalities for the different models of the direct selling industry: Single Level, Multilevel Marketing (MLM) and Party Plan. For this last model S4DS has a specialized module that allow companies and consultants to manage their events, that are the core of their businesses.

The Party Plan module allows to create different type of events that include personal and group events. Moreover, it is also possible to create different types of Parties, for example, Launch Parties, Home Parties or Virtual Parties.

Parties in the system can be hosted directly by consultants or by an external person. Those external host organize the party with the consultants and invite their family and friends in exchange for prizes, discounts and special offers. S4DS provides a host portal, where host can manage the event, the guests and orders. In this portal, host can also schedule future events.  

From the event site consultants and host can send invitations, take and pay orders, manage guest and take the host order to apply to discounts and prices, etc. Furthermore, they will find in the site a checklist that shows them which activities do they have to perform before, during and after the Party to guarantee its success.

The system has also the tools to make the Party go viral, by sharing a link in the social media. And buy using that link people can go and buy directly from the party online.

This module allows companies to stablish different goals in terms of sales, guests, attendees, orders, etc. to motivate the host and consultant to receive their benefits.

These Party Plan tools complement S4DS Software making it one of the software with the broadest scope in the Direct Selling Industry.




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