In the previous article we talked about the immediate future of companies and retail stores, and how due to the speed in which people move in their day to day as a result of technology and trends in the behavior it produces like Nowism, methods such as Click and Collect are being increasingly implemented and are influencing not only the model of buying and selling products, but also the physical structure of stores and shopping centers.

click and collect


As technology and science advance by leaps and bounds, the tendency of people to meet their needs and desires quickly and immediately has become not only a real and latent possibility, but a different emotional and psychological condition to the one of previous times, in which it was necessary to wait a certain time before obtaining satisfaction of receiving what is desired.
The new generations are certainly more impatient and quick in the way of doing things. Technology has allowed this, which also leads to living in a more accelerated way in which the amount of time required to carry out an action becomes determinant.


Due to this, sales processes in all types of products and services have benefited from methods such as Ecommerce and direct sales through digital catalog. Here, payment and distribution methods play an essential role. Both click and deliver, click and rent and click and collect are becoming indispensable in people's daily lives.


Among all the systems mentioned above, click and collect is probably one of the greatest impact is having on the visual and structural aspect of stores and shopping centers, because to manage the flow involved in this system, it requires optimized spaces and thought for it.
This has meant that many stores and brands have had to generate new spaces or reorganize existing ones to cover the large number of consumers who use this method.


For all this, a software capable of managing and managing Online sales activities and warehouse inventory and distribution points is required. Omni-Channel softwares are undoubtedly one of the best alternatives par excellence for these tasks.

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