S4DS - New E-Commerce functionality in Direct Selling Software


As we wrote some days ago in the article “E-commerce: An effective way in Direct Selling” of our blog, E-Commerce has become an essential functionality for Direct Selling Companies. This functionality opens up new channels that facilitate the commercialization of products in an effective way, allowing companies to reach more consumers.

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S4DS is a specialized software for the operation of Direct Selling, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Party Plan companies. In January we launched a new E-Commerce for one of our customers. It has brand new functionalities that allow to increase the efficiency of the visits and sales of the website.

By using an integration with Joomla CMS we can create completely personalized and responsive websites. We have the option to add new content sections, personalized navigation bars, to create replicated websites for each of your distributors, and also personalized sites for the most important influencers of your sales force.

Moreover, we have other functionalities that allow the users (your customers) to have a better interaction with the website, making the User Experience (UE) highly attractive, due to features such as: filters by category, by sub-category, by color, or brand (with our Multi-Brand management feature). We also have a website finder that allows to find the product that your clients need in one easy click! Among other functionalities we have the option to manage related, substitute and feature products.

Additionally, we are constantly creating and implementing new features that will boost your Direct Selling company, by being one step ahead of your customer needs!




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