S4DS - How to Motivate Direct Selling Teams?


4 tips to motivate direct selling teams:

Having people in direct sales happy and motivated is even harder that in any other industry, direct sellers tend to look always for the best option or the next step to take .

However there are options and tips to apply and keep your sales force motivated and loyal to your company:



  1. Clear vision of the path



You as an owner, must have clear the path your are taking with your troops, sellers need to rely on someone and feel confident  on the man who is guiding the situation.

Your sales force will stick with you if you say loud where you want to go with your organization and where you are taking your team.

Remember that your sales force do not have any strings attached to you, they are free to run away from you at any time, so as long as you generate more confidence on them you are going to have more chance to make them stay.

  1. Make yourself likable and inspire respect


People in this industry decide where to work, how long they spent on offering your products and they decide the people they want to work with.

You as the main face of the organization must have a great attitude with your sales force, have constant communication, interact with them and make them feel comfortable and feel empathy with you.

If people don't like and respect you, they won´t stay with you.

Our e-learning module of our direct selling software allows you to guarantee this process with your sales force, our tool let you and your team communicate and train anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about this functionality at: https://www.s4ds.com/products/crm

sales force motivation

  1. Make them feel part of the company


Communicating all the success stories that may occur, any goal achieved in the company, any good reward won in the industry should be shared with all of your team members.

This will create a sense of pride and would give them more enthusiasm to work.

Be part of something, a group, a culture, a tribe is something that is innate in the human being, when you are part of a group that share the same values, the same opinions, the same goals in life, the same objectives you feel brave and you feel accepted.

It's about human behaviour.

Share videos, share stories, talk to them, use social media and technology tools to do this, in direct selling is difficult to gather sales teams in one place to perform this activities. Our software also have a very interesting internal social media platform within our direct selling software where you would be able to make them feel part of the company.

Link for more info: https://www.s4ds.com/contact-us

  1. Product: Value Proposition


This is as important as the other 3 tips, having an excellent product that your team believes on assure that your sales stay longer and feel confident selling.

A team that do not believe on the product, would no sell as much as you would like.

Show and teach them all the value proposition of the products, make them feel proud of what they are selling, you´ll see this will also help to keep them stay with you.




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